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Around the World with Google Earth

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Adventurers who want to plan a trip, should visit the Google Earth. in March 2006, Google Earth adds new features that increasingly exciting "journey" virtual you.

Intentions to wander all over the world, what is the pocket is not sufficient. Never fear, there is a free service Google Earth (GE) which allows you venturing into the world of remote virtual adventure though limited. This service can be accessed by visiting Download it from this site by clicking the Google Earth Get panel.
Not any personal computer can be used to enjoy the GE. Only specifications such as Windows 2000, XP, or Mac OS X (10.3.9 +), with CPU: 500MHz capacity, Hard Disk 400 MB, 128 MB RAM (PC) or 256 MB (Mac), Video RAM 16 MB.

Picture resolution must be 1024x768, 32-bit color and 128 Kbps speed Internet access. That is if we want optimal display. table Computer alias desktop over the age of four years are not eligible, as well as portable computer whose age is more than two years.

What is GE? GE is a virtual program contains a variety of maps of all regions of the earth. The image map is obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and Global Information System (GIS). Everything is presented in a three-dimensional aka 3D.

Actually this is not a new service, just once known as Earth Viewer. Keyhole is the company that developed the first. Google acquired the program in 2004 and meleburkannya with its Google Maps service.

In 2005 was finally given a new name, GE. In 2006, GE is available for the Linux version. GE users can access images and information particulars cities of the world and its famous buildings, down to the smallest detail to the cars and traffic.

Users can search for addresses by entering the data aided coordinate with the mouse. For the moment, this service is limited to users in the United States (U.S.), Canada, and the UK. For enthusiasts of outdoor adventures to enjoy the view of Mount Everest or the Grand Canyon over the imagery produced Shuttle Radar Topography Mission of NASA.

Reaping protests.

No less interesting aircraft tracking feature, where users can follow the journey of an aircraft from its PC monitor. Click on any panel "NEW! Track this flight in 3D via Google Earth! ", And follow the instructions. Usually GE is widely used to increase the user data of a location or event made a survey before they visit a place.

Image resolution levels reach 15 mil per pixel. Each image can be known point coordinates. Not only the big cities we can visit, but also a number of distant regions such as Tibet, Maui, to the North and South Poles. Not everything is the result of the latest recorded images, only the least still enough updates to three years.
That does not mean the data is also available so perfect. There are some mistakes that have drawn criticism from the public as well. For example, to several ports in South Korea, GE put Japanese names.

For example, near the port of Busan Nakutogu named Po, or the port of Masan Masan Ko labeled name. Taiwan residents also protested that his island is labeled as part of the provinces in China. Following criticism, the GE rectify it. But this is precisely tindaka angered the People's Republic of China.


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