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Webgis and Dashboard for Banking

Webgis and Dashboard for Banking

Web-based GIS application that displays strategic information related with banking performances, to provide facilities for the management to analyze and monitor the overall performance of a bank.

WebGIS and Dashboard for Banking is an application that can be used to display the map in the form of data geo spatial (location of data such as position) that is stored in the database and is equipped with a variety of information related to bank information about itself, such as information about the state bank performance, competitors, market potential, position offices, assets, bank either wide to the smallest outlet so it can be used as a tool of analysis of the condition of banks, competitors, potential, and business conditions can be developed. WebGIS and Dashboard for Banking was developed to support the Business Intelligence applications.


Displays information such as geographic points indicating the position and statement of bank branches as desired.

Is part of the application that displays statistics from the accumulation of data that has been collected.

The information displayed in the form of gauge thus simplifying the user in analyzing and monitoring information desired.


In addition to gauge and bar, the data can also be displayed as tables with indicators specific colors, where each color represents a separate descriptions.

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