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Database & MIS Application

webgis Database Application

  • Information System Employee
  • Office Information System (e-Office)
  • Population Information System
  • Integrated Licensing Information System

GIS & WebGIS Application

Warp Theme Framework

We were served perform Costumize Geographic Information System applications to support the company's performance. Applications that we produce can be divided into two, that is: 


  • Maintenance System and Aplication
  • Maintenance Network Devices
  • Maintenance Hardware and Support Devices

Survey & Mapping

Survey & Mapping

Mapping is creating graphic representations of information using spatial relationships within the graphic to represent some relationships within the data. The common and original practice of mapping is the scaled portrayal of geographical features, that is, cartography. 




  • WebGis Software : Mapserver
  • GIS Software : ArcGIS, Mapinfo dan Quantum GIS
  • Webbase Software : PHP, Java Script
  • Remote Sensing : Er-Mapper, PCI, ENVI
  • RDBMS : MySQL, PostGIS, Oracle, SQL Server

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

We built intelligent information system to monitor vehicles or objects moving through the map (GIS), the information obtained from this system is the vehicle's position in real-time or objects that can be linked to a central reporting system data online.

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