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Why Map Server

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Why Map Server

MapServer is an application that uses webbase flatform in the handling of spatial data (maps), webbase-based applications have several advantages for use in the future (next). Among webbase applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world, with permissions set according to the needs, do not need any special software to use the application, just with a web browser, thus no need for special client software licenses accessor. Allows updating data online. Data can be updated by the various competent authorities and wherever they are.

The reason Why Using MapServer MapServer as a product of the well-established (mature), both in terms of features, stability and speed of access, to provide map-based information on the internet, MapServer development begins and continues to be refined by a team that is shaded by Minesotta University (United States), collaboration with NASA (the U.S. space agency). MapServer is an open source product that has been publicly tested its reliability by various parties throughout the world, from academics and practitioners in the field of Geographic Information Systems and computer science. The continuity of the development of MapServer is now also maintained by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, with Autodesk, Inc.. (known as pengembanga AutoCAD) as one of the main sponsors. There is no license fee for any use MapServer, whether for commercial or non-commercial, internal use in institutions and published globally.

Feature WebGIS applications that can be made from MapServer are:

Standard feature map navigation

  • Zoom in : enlarge the map
  • Zoom out : zoomed out
  • Pan : shift the map view
  • Ruler : calculation of distance on the map

Radius  Analysis
Example: distribution center in the town of X, the radius n distributor anywhere that overwhelmed

Example: at a distance 'N' miles from a road, any distributor that has overwhelmed

Network Analysis

Example: find the shortest distance from city A to city B

Search Distributor

Search distributors that meet certain criteria

Displaying Graph

To display the data are time series, such as a distributor sales volume within a certain timeframe

Thematic Map

Based on the data / criteria, for example:

  • The level of sales
  • The investment value

Application / Map Competitors

Map depicting the data / information about competitors

Application Link to a map on Google Map

Application for displaying certain areas to the Google Map, intensive interaction between data attributes with the map data such as click on the map to show information:

  • attributes of a particular object
  • charts based on time series data
  • photos, slideshows, etc.

Query on Database atribut

To go / display data / map certain

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