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Intelligent Vehicle Tracking System is an Web-based intelligent information system to monitor vehicles or vessels movement, the information obtained from this system is the vehicle's position in real-time or objects that can be linked to a central reporting system data online


This system allows an institution or an individual to be able to control, monitor and follow the path all the mobile unit to be monitored in geographical coordinates (map). Most modern vehicle tracking systems use
Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the location of the vehicle. Vehicle information can be viewed via the internet or electronic map software such as PDAs and Smartphones.


Map Navigation

i-VTS has the function to navigate the map, so the user can see the position of where it is located and allows to simplify the user in finding the location of the user who wants to find.


Object Request Position

Is part of the application that serves to set the display layer potential region in one view the map according to user needs (tracking).

OnlineTracking Map

Features which to track objects (vehicles) are selected, so that users know the direction, the path to the destination object is tracked.

Record Distance

Updating the information received from the object (vehicle) is automatically recorded on the application, so users can see a log (record) of the selected object.



*) HAKI Certified 2012, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia

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